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The film, and more forcefully, the workshop John conducted at our school was truly transformative for my students and the way I’m teaching.

— Mike Costello, Teacher, Cotter Middle & High School, Minnesota

In half an hour you can learn so much useful information from a person who’ve never laid your eyes upon. You get so involved in this process, that you simply lose the sense of time.

— Vitaliy, Student
Baranovichi Teen Press

Thanks to Teen Press, I am reminded of why I wanted to be a teacher in the first place — and of the importance of teaching with intention.

— Lizzie Smith, Teacher, Blue Oak Middle School, California

When I was first informed of the Teen Press program, I thought: Cool. These kids must be really blessed to have an experience like this. Well, time to go home. And that’s what I did. I never realized that this would be something that would change my life forever.

— Annie, Student
Cotter MS & HS Teen Press

All-inclusive Teen Press Classroom Kit

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You get the Educator’s screening license for Teen Press The Movie, the downloadable film, the Teen Press 5-day curriculum, and the downloadable 50-page Teen Press Cookbook. This kit gives you everything you need to get Teen Press started at your school!

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So, what’s the catch?

There is no catch! We’re going to let you experience the teen-tested, teen-approved Teen Press curriculum and collateral because we want YOU to help US help YOU make a difference!

Here are a few FAQs we get a lot:

Q. Why should I even consider using Teen Press?

A. I know 30 minutes is a large chunk of your time. But if you can sit yourself down and watch our film all the way til the last scene, Jayden answers this question in a way that moves me every time. If his words resonate with you, like they do with me, you’ll have to wrestle with why not to consider using some Teen Press in your classroom.

Q. Is Teen Press only for middle schoolers?

A. Teen Press has been used with elementary schoolers, high schoolers, first generation college undergraduates, graduate seminars — and middle schoolers. It has even been used in the professional world with a large group of qualitative researchers!

Q. What’s the best way to use Teen Press in a school day and school calendar?

A. Our Teen Press curriculum and support is designed to fit the needs of your class(room), your schedule and your calendar. Having taught for over 4 decades, John has lots of experience to help you tailor Teen Press to meet your needs and dreams.

  • Teen Press has been used as a stand-alone unit (2 lessons . . . 5 lessons).
  • Teen Press has been integrated into English, Social Studies, Humanities, & Digital Arts classes.
  • Teen Press has been an elective that has met from once a week to daily.
  • Teen Press has been an afterschool “club.”
  • Teen Press has been a summer school program in Belarus.

Q. How does Teen Press work with students whose first language isn’t English?

A. We just finished adding Ukrainian subtitles for Teen Press to be used in Ukraine. A group of young people in Belarus is working on English subtitles so they can share their interviews with the United States. Teen Press has done interviews in Dari, Spanish, French, kinyarwanda, Swahili, and sign language. Every language has a music that enhances a story. By all means don’t mute that. Subtitles are easy. There’s no substitute for the soul of a mother tongue.

Q. How does Teen Press work with students with “special needs”?

A. Wheelchairs with and without alphabets for those that need them . . . Questions signed and powerfully listened to . . . Eye contact with people who aren’t supposed to be able to see . . . Sincerity from another hue of the spectrum . . . The Teen Press logo says ALL ACCESS for many, many reasons.

Q. Why is The Teen Press Cookbook electronic?

A. So we can show, not just tell each recipe (lesson). Each page is loaded with links to hours and hours of Teen Press interviews. Watching a handshake or eye-contact or listening to a trembling voice is often more powerful than reading about it. Watching other kids demonstrate the right and wrong way to connect rather than reading about that engages more kids and more kids more powerfully. (And so you can have as many copies as you want!)

Q. How much does Teen Press cost?

A. $79.99???!!! for a screening license, a 5-day “curriculum” that includes a 20-minute live interview with John from the film, and unlimited copies of the 50-page Teen Press Cookbook that is loaded with hundreds of links to Teen Press interviews demonstrating the process. Compare that to other licenses, texts, and curriculums! (Of course, as with everything in teaching, the real cost and the real reward is your time as a teacher.)

Q. How do I start a Teen Press?

A. Well, since you asked:

  • Say hello to each and everyone kid you see each day.
  • Reach out somehow, look them in the eyes, and tell them you are glad to see them.
  • Tell them your name and learn to say theirs.
  • Somehow find out something about each of their stories.
  • Be ready for them to stop you with a hello, a handshake, a twinkle, your name, and a question for you about a your story and how it’s going.
  • Then, when & if you have time and none of them interrupts, watch our film, download our classroom activities & cookbook, and join the movement.

Q. Is Teen Press only for middle schoolers?

A. Teen Press has been used with elementary schoolers, high schoolers, first generation college undergraduates, graduate seminars — and middle schoolers. It has even been used in the professional world with a large group of qualitative researchers!

Q. Does Teen Press only interview “celebrities”?

A. Teen Press began (by accident) with a film festival. Ever since, we have been trying to let people know that what we learn and respect in Teen Press is that everyone has a story . . . that (almost) human wants a little spotlight . . . and that every “star” longs for a little humanity. Teen Press hopes to listen on red carpets and sidewalks . . . in state houses and homeless shelters . . . in the neighborhoods at home . . . and in neighborhoods in the cloud.

Q. Why did you write a cookbook?

A. Honestly? Because we were afraid to call it a “curriculum.” We wanted our classroom guide to be fun and informative at the same time. We wanted it to inspire each recipe (lesson) with a real story and empower skills with ingredients and delicious steps. Also, David and John love to cook, love cookbooks, and wanted to compose something that would make you drool and spill ideas all over it.

Q. What equipment do I need to start a Teen Press?

A. Here are the basics:

  • Camera (smart phones now shoot higher quality images than many you see in Teen Press, the movie!)
  • Microphone (sound is key, and microphones are getting less and less expensive.)
  • Smartphone (tool to schedule interview appointments and do follow-up confirmations.)
  • Computers (for research and editing of video interviews)
  • For our latest list of suggested equipment kits, email [email protected]

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